All About It

All About It

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What's with the Barbie?

A few years ago, I returned to college and earned my Teacher Certification. I took classes at Simpson College and took a Digital Imaging class. I had an early "Midge" barbie like this when I was young. I acquired the barbie from a family member and took pictures to sell the doll on ebay. The pictures were interesting and took several to use in the class. The pictures were a hit. I continued to develop my Photoshop skills and change the image by adding details for my Facebook profile. Midge has become an alter-ego of sorts.

I made a sale!

I am currently posting my wall hangings on Etsy. I received an inquiry for a custom order for a flower wall hanging.

I am hoping and planning this as a beginning of sales of my textile art and paintings.