All About It

All About It

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Insect Craze

I have a fascination with insects.  I especially love the cicada and will often find ones that have died in my path.  On our family vacations and summer activities, I will often photograph assorted insects and butterflies.  I have a small jar of insects that I have collected.

I have recently completed a series of small paintings of insects using my collection.

My kids think I am odd and yet....

My influence continues as my daughter completed a studio final using insects. She is a fiber art major in art school.  She used a wood lathe and created a dragon fly and butterfly body.  She carved wood wings for both.  She dyed the wood and the silk and added some embroidery details on the butterfly.  She dyed the silk using a Japanese Shibori method of dying.

My son is an art student in high school.  He recently finished this mosquito wire sculpture.  His teacher is entering it in Scholastic Art and Writing.

Maybe, I am not so odd after all.  I do love that my kids are able to enjoy art as much as I do.