All About It

All About It

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Accessories added to DavidsonStudio!

The beaded necklaces were an item I had made for myself.  I used them to dress up my 
listings.   A customer inquired about them and I began making them as a regular item in my shop!
Find them here:  Beaded Necklaces

Denim Cuffs

I never want to see good denim go to waste.  These denim cuffs come from jackets.  They are dyed and embellished with snippets and scraps.   Find them here:  Davidson Denim Cuffs

Bucket Beach Hats

Some of the hats are up cycled, dyed and embellished with a denim flower.  Other hats I have made completely from dyed denim.  Find them here: Davidson Denim Hats